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Christoph Herzog ran the blog www.get-digital.blog from January 2016 to May 2018. The literary and cultural scholar is interested in the points of contact between (working) culture and technology: How does digitalization change the way we work? And what opportunities and challenges do they present?

Low code development – These are the biggest advantages


The demands on IT are constantly growing. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified employees. Low-code development is one option for advancing digitalization quickly and purposefully despite this. This article presents the biggest advantages.

Low code development – These are the biggest advantages2020-04-17T07:09:11+02:00

Digital workplace – one term, many ideas


The website denkhandwerker.de has started a discussion about the digital workplace, and naturally, we are more than happy to get involved! If you’re talking about workplace 4.0, then you can’t avoid the term “digital workplace”. But what exactly is the digital workplace? Here is our definition.

Digital workplace – one term, many ideas2020-04-17T07:17:14+02:00

Germany 2064 – Theses about the future of work


Predicting the trends for the coming year can sometimes be a challenge. However, the consultancy firm, A.T. Kearney, has looked into its big crystal ball: the consultant has developed theses about the economy and society – in about 50 years – in a new strategy paper.

Germany 2064 – Theses about the future of work2019-12-13T15:00:46+01:00
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