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To demonstrate the benefits of Intrexx for your industry in detail, we have produced special Intrexx brochures. These show you the key functions that Intrexx has on offer for your next low code development project, your digital workplace and your Industry 4.0 solution. And of course, completely free of charge as always.

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Intrexx – The turbo boost for your company

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Only those who think about tomorrow today are the decisive step ahead.
The right technology makes it possible: Intrexx!

Take off to a digital future with Intrexx. Low-code is the ideal tool for making your business processes more efficient, clever and digital – no matter what industry your company works in. In this booklet, discover why low-code with Intrexx is the key to your success: Thanks to its flexibility, the platform can model the widest range of use cases. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself!

  • Intrexx – the low-code development platform
  • PaaS or on-premises? It’s your choice!
  • Use cases – see what Intrexx can do
  • Our service package
  • Insights from our customers

Start now with your individual low code development project and discover the business advantages of a fast and individual portal development.