Game-Changer: Should managers be active on the social intranet?

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The social intranet fosters collaboration and team spirit among colleagues. But what about managers, should the boss also chat on the intranet? Definitely! The following tips demonstrate which benefits come from managers communicating on the social intranet.

Process automation: How to pick your targets and measure your results

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For generations we have been obsessed with process automation. When you automate, generally, you convert variable costs to fixed costs: Something a human does to something a machine does. Let’s spend a little time on background to set the stage and then dig deeper into how automation can benefit our quest for quality and lower costs.

New Work and Work 4.0 – What the two concepts are about

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The world of work speaks of a paradigm shift. With the megatrends "New Work" and "Working 4.0", changes are set in motion that are noticeable in the corporate structure, in processes and in daily cooperation. But what exactly is "New Work"? Does "Working 4.0" mean the same thing? To what extent do digitalisation, networking and other technical achievements play a role?

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