HR in change! Decision support software implementation

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People are the most important capital in a company, and most entrepreneurs and personnel managers agree on this. Innovation can only come about through innovation drivers - human and technical. Human resource management faces challenges such as digital transformation, Workplace 4.0, NewWork and agility. Agile means "of great agility, active, agile".

Take a running jump against the wall: 18 reasons why intranets fail

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There are many factors that can cause an intranet to fail. Early detection or even proactive prevention of these factors is crucial. We have collected 18 of them.

Digital signage: Digital corporate communication for all

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Digital signage is a new trend in corporate communication. But does it really make sense to add another communication channel? We will explain how companies can tangibly benefit from this technology.

From public authorities to lawyers: Fundamentals of a secure social intranet

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Authorities, offices and professional groups that work with a lot of sensitive information are often faced with the question: Are we allowed to introduce a social intranet at all? The answer: Absolutely. Provided that some legal framework conditions are observed. But it is worth it. Because in the long term, they too can benefit from the Social Intranet.

Social intranet: Why your intranet needs a community manager

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From more productive work to creative exchange: a social intranet offers companies many advantages. But it is not a self-runner. To get the most out of your Social Intranet, you need a professional Community Manager.