Employer branding: How employers benefit from a digital workplace

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The digital workplace is more than just a buzzword. When companies provide their employees with modern options for structuring their work, they attract new talents, better motivate their team and become more attractive as an employer. A decisive factor in times of the “War for talents”.

Digitalization as creative deconstruction

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When it comes to digitalization in companies, people have very different opinions. For employees in the HR department, it may mean online applications (finally, no more scanning documents), and the IT department may be happy about a ticket system (finally, no more answering every inquiry by phone). But at the end of the day, the applications are still printed out and given to the management on paper or the ticket system is not used by all employees and so in the end, the IT department has to handle the requests on the phone. This means that digitalization gets stuck halfway through the process.

Are you still hesitating to switch to home office? Then you have already missed the connection!

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At the latest since the current debate about the "right to a home office", flexible working models have been the subject of intense debate in companies. However, many companies fear security problems and declining productivity. Practice shows, however, that home offices increase productivity and German IT companies in particular offer both uncomplicated and secure solutions.

HR in change! Decision support software implementation

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People are the most important capital in a company, and most entrepreneurs and personnel managers agree on this. Innovation can only come about through innovation drivers - human and technical. Human resource management faces challenges such as digital transformation, Workplace 4.0, NewWork and agility. Agile means "of great agility, active, agile".

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