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From public authorities to lawyers: Fundamentals of a secure social intranet

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Authorities, offices and professional groups that work with a lot of sensitive information are often faced with the question: Are we allowed to introduce a social intranet at all? The answer: Absolutely. Provided that some legal framework conditions are observed. But it is worth it. Because in the long term, they too can benefit from the Social Intranet.

Agile working in a publicly funded project – does that work?

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DIGIHUB Südbaden is a funding measure from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Economy, Labor and Housing as part of the Economy 4.0 initiative that is embedded in the regional-wide digital@bw digitalization strategy. DIGIHUB Südbaden is a 50% publicly funded project that will run for 3 years. This type of project is typically planned according to the so-called waterfall principle.

The best links & tips for the home office – March/April 2020

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Welcome home: Working from home has become the rule for many people for the time being. Can the network coverage stand it? How do you stay productive and separate work and leisure? And: What about your children? With this overview you will stay up to date and be optimally prepared for work in times of Covid-19 - aka Coronavirus

Efficiency, transparency and motivation: How to measure whether your social intranet is actually successful

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From greater efficiency to higher motivation: a social intranet offers companies and employees many advantages. But how can you find out whether your intranet is really successful? Which key figures are decisive for your company?

New Work and Work 4.0 – What the two concepts are about

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The world of work speaks of a paradigm shift. With the megatrends "New Work" and "Working 4.0", changes are set in motion that are noticeable in the corporate structure, in processes and in daily cooperation. But what exactly is "New Work"? Does "Working 4.0" mean the same thing? To what extent do digitalisation, networking and other technical achievements play a role?