Digitalization as creative deconstruction


When it comes to digitalization in companies, people have very different opinions. For employees in the HR department, it may mean online applications (finally, no more scanning documents), and the IT department may be happy about a ticket system (finally, no more answering every inquiry by phone). But at the end of the day, the applications are still printed out and given to the management on paper or the ticket system is not used by all employees and so in the end, the IT department has to handle the requests on the phone. This means that digitalization gets stuck halfway through the process.

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Agile working in a publicly funded project – does that work?


DIGIHUB Südbaden is a funding measure from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Economy, Labor and Housing as part of the Economy 4.0 initiative that is embedded in the regional-wide digital@bw digitalization strategy. DIGIHUB Südbaden is a 50% publicly funded project that will run for 3 years. This type of project is typically planned according to the so-called waterfall principle.

Agile working in a publicly funded project – does that work?2020-03-31T07:40:37+02:00

Intrexx Mythbuster: Six Industry 4.0 myths


Industry 4.0 is already in use in many German companies. But just as many companies are still very sceptical about the topic. Some myths about the "fourth industrial revolution" are still very persistent. But a closer look reveals: They have little to do with reality and companies waste so much potential and valuable time. We have looked at the most common six myths.

Intrexx Mythbuster: Six Industry 4.0 myths2020-02-26T10:52:17+01:00

Shadow IT – The underestimated danger for your company


As digitalization advances, many companies are becoming more and more sensitive to data security. Hackers and security vulnerabilities are increasingly being seen as a risk for the company and thus the corporate success – not to mention the company image.

Shadow IT – The underestimated danger for your company2019-12-12T09:37:37+01:00

Low code development: How to simplify application development


Low code development platforms offer unimagined potential with today’s current level of knowledge. The graphical development environments significantly reduce the programming effort needed for software applications and enable every company to digitalize their processes quickly, simply and professionally. This opens up brand new areas of business for companies with a high return on investment and low risk.

Low code development: How to simplify application development2020-07-01T09:00:13+02:00
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