Extranet use cases – Your chance to get ahead


“An extranet just isn’t right for my company, my industry, my product, my service”, this or statements like this can be heard time and time again. Especially small and medium-sized companies are still struggling with the topic of extranets. The communication channels email, telephone and mail are too ingrained, and the time and outgoings needed to implement an extranet are too uncertain. An area with many misunderstandings.

Extranet use cases – Your chance to get ahead2021-03-24T12:13:09+01:00

Digitalization as creative deconstruction


When it comes to digitalization in companies, people have very different opinions. For employees in the HR department, it may mean online applications (finally, no more scanning documents), and the IT department may be happy about a ticket system (finally, no more answering every inquiry by phone). But at the end of the day, the applications are still printed out and given to the management on paper or the ticket system is not used by all employees and so in the end, the IT department has to handle the requests on the phone. This means that digitalization gets stuck halfway through the process.

Digitalization as creative deconstruction2021-02-24T08:18:42+01:00

Intrexx Mythbuster: Six Industry 4.0 myths


Industry 4.0 is already in use in many German companies. But just as many companies are still very sceptical about the topic. Some myths about the "fourth industrial revolution" are still very persistent. But a closer look reveals: They have little to do with reality and companies waste so much potential and valuable time. We have looked at the most common six myths.

Intrexx Mythbuster: Six Industry 4.0 myths2020-02-26T10:52:17+01:00

Brave new world: 6-day week thanks to digitalization?!


With the technology of the “digital workplace” and mobile devices like smartphones and laptops, digitalization allows us to access required data anywhere and at any time. At the same time, we are also available everywhere in the world 24 hours a day through email and other messaging systems. A critical look at the excesses of digitalization – including a solution!

Brave new world: 6-day week thanks to digitalization?!2020-04-17T09:58:33+02:00

Low code development – These are the biggest advantages


The demands on IT are constantly growing. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified employees. Low-code development is one option for advancing digitalization quickly and purposefully despite this. This article presents the biggest advantages.

Low code development – These are the biggest advantages2020-04-17T07:09:11+02:00
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